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Mohammed bin Salman is determined to speed up Saudi defence industry’s development, and has called on the Ajlan family, already well established in the Saudi industrial sector, for help. The latter’s Scopa Industries are keen for French companies’ aid, despite its Washington-centred executive team. […]
The French foreign and defence ministries are vying for leadership on strategic communication in response to foreign propaganda, while Viginum, an agency created to fight online interference, and the intelligence services are increasingly cooperating on its monitoring. […]
Appointments, reforms and key issues: every Monday, Intelligence Online serves up snippets of news, big and small, from the global intelligence community. This week we hone in on Doha, Baghdad, London and Moscow. […]
Entrepreneur Rajat Khare, who industrialised the practice of hacking for hire and now heads Luxembourg investment company Boundary Holding, keeps up close relations with Qatar. He has helped companies in his investment portfolio to win security contracts at this year’s FIFA World Cup. […]
Initially considered for training missions in France, then promised to Bulgaria, 12 French Air Force Mirage will instead wing their way to Indonesia, whose government is trying to wean itself off Russian materiel. […]
On the sidelines of the internal security and civil defence trade fair, Milipol Qatar, French defence companies cosied up to the movers and shakers framing the development of Qatar’s domestic defence industry. […]
Tawazun, the UAE’s civil sovereign fund which handles military procurement, is being empowered to coordinate all state military programmes under the impetus of national security adviser Tahnoon bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The fund is seeking advisers to help it build a more structured local defence industry. […]
With the 2022 Football World Cup looming, French companies have set their sights on Qatar’s major anti-drone contracts. The firms are backed in their efforts by France’s army, national gendarmerie and interior ministry. […]
The isolated emirate is poised to launch its own public defence investment fund. […]
15% OFF your annual subscription
This offer is open to all new subscribers and runs until 25/11/2022
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