VENICE: The war between an individual and the immensely wealthy Sackler family is the centerpiece of this year’s Golden Lion-winning movie at the Venice Film Festival.
Academy Award-winning director Laura Poitras’s ‘All the Beauty and the Bloodshed’ is an emotion-driven work about renowned artist and activist Nan Goldin. Narrated through deeply incisive interviews, powerful slideshows, illuminating photography and rare footage, the documentary presents a moving story of Goldin’s fight to hold the Sackler family responsible for the opioid addiction crisis perpetrated by their company Purdue Pharma.
The 117-minute work is divided into seven chapters and profiles Goldin, a photographer who revolutionized the art form and shed light on the horrific misdeeds of the Sacklers. It is about a woman who used pictures as a means of activism. Her photographs were full of life, demanding people open their eyes to the crimes of a family that was venerated as philanthropists and magnanimous donors.

In the director’s notes, Poitras says: “I began working on this movie with Nan in 2019, two years after she decided to leverage her power as an artist to expose the billionaire Sackler family’s criminal culpability in fueling the overdose crisis. The process of making this movie was deeply intimate. But as we talked, I realized that this was only one part of the story I wanted to tell, and that the core of the film was Nan’s art, photography, and the legacies of her friends and sister Barbara. A legacy of people escaping America.”
To that end, Poitras focuses her camera on P.A.I.N (Prescription Addiction Intervention Now), a group founded by the artist to highlight the financial support that the Sackler family has given to high profile museums and cultural institutions in order to improve their public image.
As Goldin says in the film, “they have washed their blood money through the halls of museums and universities around the world.”
This award-winning work is as much a profile of the artist and her stunning photography as it is an indictment of the now infamous Sackler family, and it is this duality that makes it so fascinating.
DUBAI: Lolo Zouai fans rejoice: The French-Algerian singer revealed this week that she is releasing a new album on Oct. 14.
Titled “Play Girl,” the album is currently available for pre-saves.

On Wednesday, the music sensation treated fans and released the first song, “Play Girl.”
The song is produced by Zouai and Cypriot-American songwriter and record producer Stelios Phili.






A post shared by Lolo Zouaï (@lolozouai)

A post shared by Lolo Zouaï (@lolozouai)
The singer took to Instagram to share with her 286,000 followers how she feels about her new music.
“I can’t believe it’s all finally happening,” she wrote. “After my first album I genuinely thought I couldn’t make another. It took me a long time to understand what I wanted to say with my music while I was growing and changing with the world.






A post shared by Lolo Zouaï (@lolozouai)

A post shared by Lolo Zouaï (@lolozouai)
“Now that it’s coming out I can finally say that I’m SO SO proud of what we made and all the work put in to creating this record. I love it with all my heart and hope you will too,” she added.
The singer promised that the album features both upbeat music and sad songs, saying that fans will want to dance and cry.
Zouai, who divides her time between Brooklyn and Los Angeles, was born Laureen Zouai to a French mother and an Algerian father in Paris.
DUBAI: Tom Ford closed New York Fashion Week this week with a runway full of big hair, disco cowgirls and sequins for miles.
But is it really an iconic fashion show without the Hadid sisters shining on the runway? Certainly not. 
The Palestinian Dutch supermodels, Gigi and Bella, were among the stars who presented the brand’s latest collection.  
On a reflective runway worthy of all that shine, to a soundtrack of “Addicted to Love,” “The Look of Love,” “Pure/Honey” and “Take on Me,” the models were more than a little ready to party in 70s and 80s style on his downtown catwalk.
Ford rolled out embellished sets of tiny velvet shorts and matching jackets in bright red and blue adorned with flowers, leaves and butterflies, some with a touch of cowboy fringe. 
Bella wore metallic sequined gowns in copper while Gigi wore a two-tone green and blue dress.
Other models, including British Moroccan catwalk star Nora Attal, walked in low-slung trousers and skirts in silver and mint, sporty shorts in silver and gold, and tiny, sheer bralettes. 
Madonna sat front row and was joined by her daughter Lourdes Leon, Chris Rock, Erykah Badu, Nicole Richie, Katie Holmes, Frances Tiafoe, Ciara and more.
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Attal was also spotted on the runway for Michael Kors during New York Fashion Week. The 23-year-old star wore a black cut-out dress from Kors’ spring/summer 2023 collection, which features business wear and night-out looks with a resort-style sensibility.
A post shared by Bella (@bellahadid)
Meanwhile, Gigi has been making headlines this week for fueling relationship rumors with Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who recently called it splits with model and actress Camila Morrone. 
Gigi and DiCaprio were seen by eagle-eyed fans at an afterparty during New York Fashion Week.  
Neither of the stars confirmed or denied the news, but fans on Twitter have mixed reactions about the duo’s link-up. 

gigi hadid dating leonardo di caprio is one of the biggest downgrade in history
“Gigi Hadid dating Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the biggest downgrades in history,” wrote one user, while another said: “Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio would be the hottest biggest couple in the world.”

@GiGiHadid and @LeoDiCaprio would be the hottest biggest couple in the world
DUBAI: From the Valentino dress that Raya Abirached wore to the BAFTA awards in March to Balquees Fathi’s onstage style and Mona Zaki’s Cannes outfits, Dubai-based Lebanese stylist Cedric Haddad has created showstopping looks for some of the Arab world’s most famous names.
His remarkable portfolio also includes styling for MBC shows like “The Voice Kids” and “Arabs Got Talent,” conducting styling sessions for luxury labels including Louis Vuitton and Valentino, and teaching at the FAD Institute.
Haddad’s fascination with fashion began early — as a child he would often spend hours at the mall looking at mannequins.
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“It was like heaven for me,” he tells Arab News. “You could just put me in the stores, and I’d be the happiest kid.”
Styling was a hobby which turned into a full-time career for Haddad. Things really took off when he was asked to style TV presenter Hilda Khalife. “I say she’s my lucky charm — she opened up everything for me,” he says.
Haddad has gone on to become one of only a handful of stylists from the Middle East to be regulars at the Cannes Film Festival.
A post shared by Cedric Haddad سيدريك حدّاد (@cedrichaddad)
“Cannes is always magical and a whole experience by itself,” he says. “Last time I was selected by L’Oreal to dress their ambassadors, and I’ve also dressed many celebrities for the Chopard parties.”
Being behind the scenes at Cannes may sound glamorous, but, Haddad says, “It’s not ‘La Vie en Rose’ at all. I always want to create something new while respecting the identity and the personal style of the celebrity I’m working with. Striking that balance can be hard.”
And there’s very little room for error. “The moment they get into the car, my heart starts to pound. I have to ensure everything is good – makeup, hair, jewelry, accessories. I need to make sure they’re posing properly and know how to show their outfit correctly because it’s all about their look.”
A post shared by Cedric Haddad سيدريك حدّاد (@cedrichaddad)
His talent has captured the attention of the style set not just regionally but internationally too. Donatella Versace specifically asked to meet with him in Dubai. “I’ve worked a lot with Versace in the Middle East, and one time, I received a call saying Donatella Versace is in Dubai and would love to have dinner with you. We had one of the best dinners together, and it’s a moment in my life I will never forget. I have a great relationship with her and the brand.”
The nature of Haddad’s job means he can never really switch off. Despite having a dedicated team in different countries, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE, it’s still him who makes the final call.
“It’s very challenging because I am responsible for the celebrity’s image in its entirety. One mistake, and it’s on me, not her. With my team, I can delegate a few things to save time, but ultimately the celebrity wants the main stylist, which is me,” he says.
A post shared by Cedric Haddad سيدريك حدّاد (@cedrichaddad)
Add in short timelines, flaring tempers, and last-minute bombshells and it’s obvious why Haddad’s is a high-pressure job. He recalls an incident from his MBC styling days when a celebrity’s zipper malfunctioned.
“We had three minutes till we went live, and there was no backup option. I got a thread and needle and started stitching the zipper myself. I remember my fingers were bleeding because I was trying to sew a metal zipper!”
On another occasion, he contacted a pilot flying into Beirut from Paris to bring in a dress for the finale of “The Voice Kids.”
A post shared by Cedric Haddad سيدريك حدّاد (@cedrichaddad)
“The entire Arab world was watching this episode! The dress was in Paris, and I told the pilot he had to bring it somehow. He actually hung it in the cockpit with him on the flight back,” he says.
While most of his work takes place behind the scenes, Abu Dhabi TV’s “Beauty Challenge” brought Haddad in front of the lens.
“I was working with some amazing talent and was able to help them get exposure. We have so many creatives in the Arab world, and they really need this small push to get out there and someone to guide them. My co-host (Sarah Sofi) and I had such great chemistry, so it was a wonderful experience,” he says.
A post shared by Cedric Haddad سيدريك حدّاد (@cedrichaddad)
Currently, Haddad has been busy working on another major career milestone — this year’s FIFA World Cup.
“They are producing three music videos for the official FIFA song, which will be out when the tournament starts. I am styling the celebrity who will be opening the music video,” he says, without revealing who that is.
Hectic as his demanding career is, with multiple projects always on the go, Haddad is filled with gratitude.
“The happiest moment of your life is when you realize that your passion and hobby became your career,” he says. “You’re just waking up and enjoying every single second.”
RIYADH: Hotel Cartagena in Riyadh, despite its name, is a Latin American restaurant — but the impressive vibes will have you wishing they had a room for you to stay in.
Entering the restaurant venue is a rainforest experience, with its plants, flowers, funky wallpaper, bird decor and vibrant aesthetics of a rustic hotel in the Amazon. Featuring various performances throughout the week, including live DJ sets, singers and bands, Hotel Cartagena brings a taste of spicy Latin entertainment to Saudi Arabia.
The joint also hosts trivia nights and weekend brunches, and almost every hour, the staff breaks out in a dance sequence with music mixes blasting, encouraging guests to join along — and they often do.
There is truly no dull moment here, especially with staff bringing a fire and dance show to every customer’s table who orders their most popular dish, the Coffee Aged Tomahawk Steak. The downside to this level of showmanship, however, is that the food can sometimes take a back seat. The steak isn’t always cooked properly, and the coffee rub might not have broad appeal. The order can either be made with Wagyu beef or US prime, both of which are arguably overpriced for a single order.
Some of their popular Latin delicacies include their classic fish ceviche, crispy duck confit salad, chili prawn nachos, and ropa vieja empanadas. Must-try sides are their sweet potato fries and creamy congri, which is a version of classic Cuban rice and beans.
Diners can enjoy refreshing mocktails, most notably the sweet and spicy Flor de Jalisco and the sweet and sour Mai Gai.
We wouldn’t recommend this spot as a vegetarian-friendly joint, as they don’t offer vegan or vegetarian dishes aside from their selection of salads and bites.
DUBAI: Canadian singer Justin Bieber’s upcoming shows in Dubai have been canceled over concerns surrounding the 28-year-old’s health, T.O.P. Entertainment announced on Thursday.
The musician had been due to perform two concerts on Oct. 8 and 9 at the UAE city’s Coca-Cola Arena.
The news comes months after Bieber revealed he had Ramsay Hunt syndrome, causing him to suffer partial face paralysis.
T.O.P. Entertainment owner Thomas Ovesen, the promoter behind the pop star’s performances in Dubai, said: “First and foremost, we support Justin in putting his health and wellbeing first.
“Whilst his decision to cancel the two Dubai dates is very disappointing for his many Middle East fans, we are sending him our best wishes for a speedy recovery.
“Our thoughts are also with everyone on the Justice World Tour as well as the many people involved in preparing the Dubai shows,” he added.
There had already been speculation that the shows in Dubai could be called off after Bieber announced earlier this month that he would be taking a break from touring.
His show in Bahrain on Oct. 5 has also been canceled. However, AEG Presents, Bieber’s global tour promoter, reassured fans that the entire Justice World Tour had not been scrapped.


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