In France, nine climate protesters from Scientist Rebellion glued their hands to the floor of Volkswagen’s Autostadt museum last Thursday. It comes as several climate protests in Europe have become high-profile lately; people threw tomato soup on a Van Gogh painting and mashed potatoes on a Monet and each painting costs close to $100 million.
The protesters had demands of VW Group’s CEO, Oliver Blume. They want the maximum speed on German highways capped to 100 kilometers per hour, plus a quicker timeline on VW lowering its carbon emissions. The hope is that VW Group will “pressure the [government] to comply with our demands.”
The Autostadt museum includes Audi, Lamborghini, and Porsche cars and is part of a factory complex.
When the protesters made their move at the Autostadt museum, staff threw a curveball. Instead of calling the cops, the museum workers respected the right to protest. They closed the area down for the evening, turned off the head and lights, then walked out.
Express, a U.K. outlet, wrote that the protesters “pleaded for medical treatment because their hands were sore and moaned that they couldn’t go to the toilet.”
One protester was even interviewed: “They refused our request to provide us with a bowl to urinate and defecate in a decent manner while we are glued… We can’t order our food, we must use the one provided by Volkswagen. Lights off. Random unannounced checks by security guards with bright torches,” he said, after being removed from the premises and detained by police.
The other eight protestors, plus six other Scientist Rebellion members who weren’t glues, stayed overnight. In the morning, police arrived to arrest everyone, according to the Scientist Rebellion Twitter account.
“The police then took action against the other activists on Friday. Criminal proceedings were initiated for trespassing, coercion and property damage,” says the German outlet Welt.
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