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The UK and French embassies have updated their travel advisories for Goma as of Nov. 16 due to ongoing clashes between M23 rebels and security forces. The UK advises against all travel to Goma, warning that all existing routes out of Goma, including the airport and border, could close at short notice. French authorities have urged their nationals in Goma to remain at home and not go outside except in extreme necessity, further advising them to have a sufficient supply of medicines and food and to carry all their travel and identity documents. US authorities have issued a related security alert, advising that some nongovernmental organizations in Goma have instructed their staff to shelter in place or to leave the city.
The advisories come amid fighting between members of the M23 rebel group and the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (FARDC) in the Rutshuru and Nyiragongo territories. Fighting took place near Kibumba and Rugari, located 20 km (13 miles) from Goma, Nov. 11-15.
Over the coming weeks, a heightened security presence will likely remain in the area. Further violence is likely as security forces attempt to restore control in the area. Officials in the DRC could implement movement-restrictive measures. Clashes and security force responses could also impact routes in the area, including the N2 roadbetween Goma and Rutshuru. Locals may also stage protests in the region, including Goma, to denounce the perceived inaction of security forces.
Since November 2021, the M23 rebel group has increased attacks targeting armed forces in the eastern DRC. In recent months similar clashes have occurred across Rutshuru Territory. In June, the M23 captured the town of Bunagana, Rutshuru Territory; as of mid-November, M23 rebels remain in control of the town. Rebels also reportedly took control of several localities, including Rutshuru, Kiwanja, and the Kitagoma crossing point at the border with Uganda Oct. 28-29. M23 rebels previously captured the village of Ntamugenga Oct. 23, a strategic area close to a highway connecting the city of Butembo to Goma.
The M23 is seeking to pressure the government to honor a peace agreement signed in 2013, allowing the reintegration of the armed forces into society, among other issues. In April, the group allowed for a truce with the government; however, it did not attend peace talks launched between the government and armed groups in Kenya.
The incidents highlight the persistent and elevated threat of violence in eastern regions of the DRC despite the implementation of a State of Siege in Ituri and North Kivu provinces. Multiple armed groups operate in the area. Violence in the region has left hundreds of people dead since 2021.
Consider deferring nonessential travel to conflict-affected areas in eastern DRC until the situation stabilizes. Maintain contact with diplomatic missions. Consult local security partners on the viability of traveling in and around the impacted locations. Travel in convoy and during daylight hours only. Adhere to directives issued by local authorities. Reconfirm the status of public transportation, road routes and border crossings before departure.
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