Dubai – the city of dreams. One that is packed with creativity and acts as a muse for many all over the world. One artist that fell under the spell of the city is visual artist, Zak Eazy. Originally from Lille, France, Zak works in digital marketing while creating digital artworks in his spare time, though he dreams of a day where he can focus solely on his art.
An avid traveller, his artworks feature famous landmarks from his trips. These include the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Taj Mahal and London’s Big Ben. Swipe to check out his digital artwork on Dubai landmarks below: 
Eazy fell in love with Dubai in 2021, after being encouraged to visit by friends who are residents. This trip inspired him to create a Dubai series called City of Dreams. Zak’s creative influences include nature, architecture, travel and surrealism, and viewers can spot all of these reflected in his work.
His first Dubai creation featured Burj Al Arab, with the iconic hotel tinged in pink and surrounded by flamingos in the Arabian Gulf. Another landmark he chose to showcase was the Dubai Frame, which divides old and new Dubai. For this piece, Eazy featured the architectural structure in the desert, juxtaposed with jumping dolphins and an ocean wave. “I really loved the story about the architecture of the Dubai Frame,” Zak told us. “Depending on which side you’re on, you can see either old or new Dubai – it’s a way to imagine the future.”
zak eazy
His most recent piece depicts Burj Khalifa. Reminiscing on his first trip to the top, Zak said: “The view of Dubai was just incredible”. When asked when he plans to return, Zak shared his dream of moving to Dubai in 2023. While that dream is still in the making, Zak aims to create more unique edits of Dubai and has set his eyes on the Museum of the Future next.
For those interested in buying his prints, Instagram is currently the best, but an online store is in the works.

Discover all of his creations at @zakeazy
Images: Zak Eazy 

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