The two French tourists struck and killed this week by a No. 3 train in Brooklyn have been identified as well-known graffiti artists who hoped to leave their mark in New York City.
Pierre Audebert, 28, and Julian Blanc, 34, were fatally struck by a Manhattan-bound train sometime late Tuesday or early Wednesday, police said.
Their mangled bodies were discovered at about 6:40 a.m. Wednesday by a train operator pulling into the elevated Sutter Ave.-Rutland Road station in Brownsville. French passports and spray paint cans were among their possessions found at the scene, police said. Investigators suspect they were heading to a nearby station to tag.
French news websites said Audebert, whose tag was Full1, and Blanc, whose tag was Jibeone, were well known in the French region of Toulouse. Audebert and Jibeone’s art was shown in Morocco, Italy and Spain.
Subway service disrupted on 3 line after 2 people found dead on tracks in Brownsville, Brooklyn
The duo “wanted to realize their dream of graffiting the inside of a New York subway,” according to Connexion France.
“I thought of them as brothers,” French-Algerian street artist Ceet Fouad reportedly said. “I’m totally devastated.”
Ceet-Fouad said Audebert and Blanc had traveled to the city with him on a promotional junket and that he assumed they had been arrested.
“When I saw on the news that two people had been hit by a train in the place they wanted to go I immediately made the connection,” he said.
Blanc’s Instagram page includes his tag in large bubble letters on the roof of a Manhattan building, as well as on several subway cars in cities around the world.
Blanc’s family asked online for donations to help cover a funeral for the father of two.
“On 20 April 2022 we lost our pillar,” the family wrote. “Julien was a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a friend.”
Copyright © 2022, New York Daily News
Copyright © 2022, New York Daily News


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