Picking a coffee blend that suits your palate may require some trial and error. You’ll want  to consider the level of intensity, whether you prefer it zesty or nutty, simple or complex. Then it’s about matching your coffee to your mood: Are you after a bold blend rich in taste and aroma for a pre-work boost? Or would you prefer something light and balanced after lunch?
Preparing and choosing coffee is a craft, so it helps to look out for brands passionate about their sourcing and blending techniques. Usually armed with decades of expertise, they know how to extract every ounce of flavour and intensity from each coffee bean – which is what the artisans at French-born brand L’OR are known for.
Created in France in 1992 and harnessing modern-day grinding technology, L’OR’s coffee products range from roasted coffee beans, and L’OR Espresso capsules to L’OR Essenso premix instant coffee. Whatever the product, the coffee experts there aim to produce blends that are full bodied, balanced, velvety and intense.
L’OR coffee artist Mr Roland Brouwer, who has 32 years of experience under his belt, likens the blending process to creating a piece of music: “It’s the combination of the elements, the instruments, which notes they play, and which rhythm they play it in. It’s about combining the different coffees and seeing how they support each other – how you can bring balance or how they can surprise you.”
Indulge your inner Francophile as you immerse yourself in French coffee culture
There is nothing more French than sitting on a cobblestoned sidewalk cafe sipping on some espresso. And you could be enjoying just that, with a trip to France, the birthplace of L’OR where coffee is not just a drink, it is a way of life. If this is something you have been dreaming of experiencing, make it a reality with this great opportunity. 
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L’OR’s journey of the ideal brew begins from the coffee cherries – their terroir (environment), how they are carefully cultivated, harvested and processed. The brand sources its arabica and robusta beans from coffee-growing regions all over the world, including, but not limited to, Colombia, Brazil, India and Papua New Guinea.
Next, a team of coffee artists dedicated to coffee research and innovation taste-test each batch of ground coffee beans. These experts are able to detect over 800 aromas and tastes in every cup. This rare skill also helps them fine-tune the roasting and grinding process, to flawlessly conjure up exquisite blends for the ultimate coffee taste experience in every L’OR Espresso cup.
Ms Judith de Boer, a L’OR coffee artist with 16 years of experience, says it is about understanding the bean’s potential, which starts with the origin.
“Every country, every region, every farm, and even on the same farm, you have unique characteristics,” she explains. “For instance in Colombia they grow coffee with a very rich taste, with caramel and cocoa fragrances. And in Papua New Guinea, there’s a lot of sweetness in the coffee.”
Technology also plays a key part in ensuring L’OR retains its consistency and beloved characteristics, even for its L’OR  Essenso range of premix instant coffee. That is because it comprises 1 per cent of microground coffee that brings out the coffee’s authentic taste and rich aroma.
The microground coffee is made using a microgrinding technique that grinds the coffee beans to fine powder at low speed and at room temperature environment. This is then mixed with instant coffee, which is also made with 100 per cent Arabica coffee beans, at the appropriate level to elevate the coffee aroma and taste. 
L’OR Espresso capsules are available in 12 styles and blends – from espresso and ristretto to lungo. Intensity levels for L’OR Espresso capsules range from seven to 12, and coffee connoisseurs can take in aromas such as floral fragrances, zesty hits and nutty notes.
For java purists, black coffee is the only way to go. It is a way of observing all the layers of flavour in a high-quality cup of coffee without a blanket of cream and sugar; others require the efficiency that a shot of black coffee can deliver so they can quickly begin their day.
Yet among “team black” are further subsets of varying styles and sizes. Coffee connoisseurs will be quick to discern the difference between an espresso (basic black coffee), ristretto (a more concentrated version of an espresso made with less water for a richer, more aromatic brew), and lungo (Italian for “long” as more water is used than for an espresso for a larger cup of coffee).
There is an art to enjoying the perfect cup of black coffee. Follow these guidelines to get the most out of your brew. 
Add milk to the mix, and more variations emerge, such as cappuccino, latte, macchiato and more. Notes Mr Brouwer: “If you find the right balance between coffee and milk, you can bring out some caramelly notes in the smell.”
For something different, you can also try your hand at making these two recipes by L’OR that are sure to elevate your daily brew.
Cococcino Coconut Coffee
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Take your favourite cup of espresso to the next level with this dairy-free and vegan alternative. 
For one cup of coconut coffee
Cardamom Fig Fusion Frappuccino 
Preparation time: 5 minutes
A fusion of flavours, this “frappuccino”  has to be sipped simultaneously from two cups for maximum enjoyment. Add chocolate, caramel or vanilla flavouring for extra indulgence.
Every cup of L’OR coffee is a unique experience: Pure unapologetic pleasure in a cup. Follow your senses and let the intensity of the aroma overwhelm you.
For more information visit www.lorespresso.sg or the LOREspressoSG Facebook page
L’OR Espresso capsules, coffee beans and L’OR Essenso instant premix coffee are available at all leading supermarkets and online at JDE World of Coffee’s official online store at Shopee Singapore.
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