Picture shows “chocolate robotic arm” created by Mr Guichon.
Internet is full of creative people. Chefs and culinary enthusiasts never fail to wow us with their most incredible dishes and creations. On such video is going viral on social media shows making of an amazing creation. The video, shared by pastry artist Amaury Guichon on his Instagram, shows him making a robotic arm full of chocolate.

A post shared by Amaury Guichon (@amauryguichon)

“Chocolate Robot Arm! My new kitchen helper and its fully interactive clamp,” reads the caption of the post.
According to Mr Guichon’s post, the chocolate robot arm is 5.5 feet tall and weighs about 90lbs. Mr Guichon also shows the process of making this incredible dark chocolate, which he said was “nerve cracking”.
Since being shared, the video has amassed over 17.1 million views and around 1.1 million likes. Instagram users have left heartfelt remarks in the comment section of the post praising Mr Guichon.
“Like a grabber from those arcade games they never let you win tho,” wrote one user.
A second one said, “Yeah, you’re definitely an engineer. There’s no other explanation. This isn’t even art anymore, this is science.”
Recently, the chef shared a video that showed making of a dessert that looked like bamboo. In the video, Mr Guichon was seen making different parts of the creation then assembling it and colouring it green. It received over 8.1 million views and 6.3 lakh likes.

Mr Guchion is a Swiss-French chef known for his pastry designs and chocolate masterpieces. He keeps sharing videos of his stunning chocolate creations on his official Instagram handle.

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