Penny For Your Thoughts By: Nancy Whitaker
Sitting here thinking about what I want for breakfast is always fun and interesting. My usual “go to” breakfast is either cookies, toast, Pop Tarts, eggs or hot cereal. I was always taught that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, especially the coffee. Yes, there are a lot of coffee drinkers who must have that first cup of caffeine to get woke up in the morning. I am one of those.
Some of the fast food chains are offering their breakfast menus all day long. Is breakfast supposed to be a morning meal? Not anymore. Some of us, including myself, love the thought of cooking breakfast for supper. There is nothing better for an evening meal than some bacon, eggs, home fries, toast or biscuits, topped off by a glass of orange juice.  
Not everyone indulges in the morning waker-upper, coffee. Many like the old English beverage, a spot of tea. However, there is not always time for breakfast and different food items are hurriedly picked up to eat. One of the  popular foods being eaten for breakfast is cold pizza. If your stomach can handle pizza in the morning, this may be the breakfast for you. In fact, you can make your own breakfast pizza if you have time.
One thing I found interesting was seeing what other countries eat for breakfast. (of course, I like to know what everyone has good to eat) If you have a queasy stomach and you happen to travel to one of these various  places, you may want to skip breakfast. Right here in the United States, the preferred meat for breakfast in Alaska is reindeer meat. Oh no! Poor Rudolph. The ideal breakfast in this state is the reindeer and a cooked egg nestled in a pancake. If I did not know it was reindeer, I could possibly eat it.
In Japan, it is tofu soaked in soy sauce along with rice and fish and you have one so-called delicious breakfast.
Breakfast in India consists of Indian tofu scramble, lentils, vegan sausage and  hot pepper toast (I think this may not be too bad).
If you are planning a visit to Ghana, your morning breakfast dish will be waakye. It sounds suspicious, but it is actually just rice and beans. Over in Thailand, a choice breakfast is spicy fish with a sweet and sour pork and served with rice.
Moving on to Australia, the main ingredient  traveling Aussies may carry in a backpack is a thick, brown salty paste which they spread on toast. It is called vegemite. 
If you ever eat your morning meal in Turkey, you will get cheese, butter, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, honey and a spicy meat. (no thanks for that in the morning)
In Mexico, nachos, rice, cheese and beans are featured with beef tips and chiliquiles. Yes and eggs  may also be included. (I could eat this for supper)
In Germany, the first meal of the day is usually a wurst, local cheeses, homemade bread and a good strong coffee.
We all like French cuisine, so in France, breakfast is usually a croissant packed with almonds, butter, chocolate or cream.
In Columbia a dish called changua is served for breakfast. It is made with milk, scallions and cheese. 
Over in Scotland the Scottish are fond of haggis, fried eggs and square sausages called Lorne. What is haggis? It happens to be sheep heart, liver and lungs all minced up and mixed with oatmeal , suet, salt and some stock. No thanks to haggis.
All of these breakfasts from foreign places may be very good and tasty, but as for me, I still prefer pop tarts, toast or cookies. 
Well it is close to lunch time, so I believe I will eat some real breakfast now. I believe I will have bacon and eggs.
Do you think breakfast is the best meal of the day? Have you ever ate anything weird like haggis or milk with scallions? Do you like fixing breakfast for supper? Let me know and I’ll give you a Penny For Your Thoughts!
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