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Photo by Takashi Miyazaki on Unsplash
The Michelin Guide Tokyo 2023 has been released, and it includes two new two-star restaurants and 16 new one-star restaurants, once again securing the Japanese capital’s title as the city with the most Michelin stars.
Chef Hidetoshi Nakamura‘s Myojaku restaurant, which opened this spring, launched straight into the two-star ranking, while chef Daniel Calvert‘s SÉZANNE exchanged its one star for two. The 37 other two-star restaurants in the capital all maintained their status, as did the 12 three-Michelin-star restaurants.
Of the 16 new one-star restaurants, five restaurants offer a Japanese creative or fine-dining experience including GuchokuniTorakuro, Shigeyuki ,Yakumo Uezu and Ginza Kousui, and newcomers Edomae Sushi Hanabusa, Oku, Sushi Ichijo and UDATSU SUSHI centered on sushi.
Just under half of the new one-star restaurants offer an international dining experience, including Hong Kong-inspired Ippei Hanten, and Italian-inspired GUCCI OSTERIA da Massimo Bottura. French cuisine is also well represented, with four newly awarded restaurants: amarantos, NéMo, élan and PRUNIER. In addition, restaurant TOKi highlights Nara’s ingredients and terroir.
Emi Hasegawa, from restaurant Den, was awarded the Service Award and Hideki Ishikawa from restaurant Kagurazaka Ishikawa was awarded the Mentor Chef Award.
See all the new stars below:
Yakumo Uezu
Ginza Kousui
Edomae Sushi Hanabusa
Sushi Ichijo
Ippei Hanten 
GUCCI OSTERIA da Massimo Bottura 
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