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French cuisine is famous for being the ultimate in gourmet, and their sweets are no exception!
But don’t be intimidated, this collection of French Desserts will have you whipping up some fancy after dinner treats in no time.
From famous recipes like creme brûlée and eclairs, to little known regional dessert recipes that will wow your family, this list has it all.
Go through all of these amazing French desserts, you’re going to love them!
We are starting this stunning list of French Desserts with the most elegant and famous Creme Brûlée!
You can create this masterpiece at home with this hassle-free recipe. Classic made-from-scratch Creme Brûlée will be a super hit dessert for any of your special occasions.
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Now, all beginner home bakers, this French Macarons recipe is just for you!
These cute macarons are simply sandwich French cookies that are super delicate, with crispy shells and a chewy texture that you all will love.
You must follow the tips and tricks of this recipe to the core to make this French delight perfect every time.
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This straightforward recipe makes traditional French bakery-like Cream Puffs at home!
The fresh choux pastry dough is golden baked to perfection, filled with light sweet cream, and dusted with powdered sugar, making the best Cream Puff ever.
Make this iconic dessert and impress everyone.
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Guys, this cherry season make the beloved French dessert, Cherry Clafoutis, and see it become everyone’s favorite dessert!
It’s an awesome dessert which is a creamy, custard-like consistency, and the sweet cherry burst in every bite. It’s just too good.
Serve this classy portion with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream for extra deliciousness.
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Galette is the easiest replacement for pie, and this Salted Caramel Apple Galette is just an outstanding French delight you can make at home!
This no-pain recipe is super delicious and super impressive. Amaze your loved ones with this excellent Salted Caramel Apple Galette and get rave reviews.
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This is the best chocolate Soufflé recipe that you all will simply love, especially the chocolate lovers who will get obsessed with this French classic dessert!
Just follow this amazing recipe to make the perfectly moist, fluffy, and chocolaty Soufflé ever.
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Make gourmet bakery-like Chocolate Eclairs at home with this insanely delicious recipe!
The divine crispy shell is filled with creamy vanilla filling and sweet chocolate frosting, making these eclairs the most decadent French dessert you have ever tried.
This recipe looks intimidating, but trust us, it’s very easy to make. So don’t wait, just try it today!
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Treat yourself to these French pastry Beignets, which are actually English fritters.
They are super easy to make deep-fried cute little donuts that are light, fluffy, and just melt in your mouth delicious.
So make these dazzling Beignets for breakfast, or as a light dessert, and serve with powdered sugar or chocolate dipping sauce.
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Make the most popular French Crepes at home with this fantastic recipe!
These blender crepes are super easy to make with basic ingredients, but they come out exceptionally delicious every time.
You can serve it sweet or savory as per your liking. So make your day special with these superb classic French treats.
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This Berry Paris Brest will be your new dessert for celebrations or special events, as it is such a show-stopper dessert!
It’s light, airy, and super delicious, made with pate a choux pastry dough, and then it’s loaded with assorted fresh fruits and creamy mascarpone filling. It’s one of our favorite French desserts.
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This French Cinnamon Apple Tart recipe is just mind-blowingly delicious!
It is loaded with a perfectly sweet pastry crust with amazing texture and thick layers of apples that are soaked in a sugary buttery cinnamon sauce.
A sure-shot crowd-pleaser French dessert recipe that will simply wow everyone.
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This holiday season, treat your family and friends with this classic French Silk Pie recipe! It tastes out of this world delicious and has a texture that you all will love.
It’s super easy to make, and it’s definitely going to be the center of attraction dessert on your holiday spread.
Get the Recipe @ handletheheat
This is the ultimate French Custard Tart recipe, also known as Flan Pâtissier. It’s an unbelievably delicious dessert that will wow everyone!
You are going to love this classic French dessert that is made with a flaky pasty crust that is filled with tasty rich, creamy vanilla custard, then baked to golden awesomeness.
Just make this fabulous tart and see it becomes everyone’s favorite.
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Have you made a Classic French Apple Cake yet? If not, this is your chance to make this beautiful and addictive dessert.
Tender, rum-flavored buttery crumbs with big apple chunks will make the best cake, which is served with dusted powdered sugar for an extra punch of flavors. YUM!
Get the Recipe @ pardonyourfrench
Chouquettes are going to be a new family favorite! These little French Sugar Puffs are amazingly easy to make and get ready in less than an hour.
This a must-try French dessert!
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Make an impression at your next get together when you make this French Fruit Tart recipe!
This tart is made with a firm sweet pastry crust that is filled with vanilla pastry cream filling and assorted fresh berries and fresh fruits.
You can easily customize this tart using any of your favorite fruits.
Get the Recipe @ houseofnasheats
Who loves Dark chocolate? If you do, these mouth-watering French Chocolate truffles are a jackpot for you!
These easy small bites are made using 4 simple ingredients. They are perfect for gifting during the holiday season.
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Make the most decadent Chocolate Mousse ever with this excellent recipe! It’s creamy, light, and super chocolaty, and each and every bite will make you super addicted to it.
It just melts in your mouth so amazingly that you will make this mousse all the time when you crave something sweet.
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Now, this French Molten Chocolate Cake will become a masterpiece for any of your special events or occasions.
This awesomely easy recipe is made in the French style, which makes it richer and absolutely irresistible. Serve with your favorite ice cream, berries, or sorbet.
Get the Recipe @ laylita
Looking for the best French toast recipe, that is easy to make and tastes delicious? Look no further than this Brioche French Toast recipe!
You can jazz up your French Toast with lots of fresh fruit topping, maple syrup, or whipped cream. The options are endless!
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This Apple Pie French Parfait is a blissfully good jar dessert that your entire family will enjoy!
It’s a spectacular recipe that has a rich mousse-like texture, combined with cinnamon apples and crunchy biscoff biscuits. It’s a super duper hit for sure.
Get the Recipe @ niolablooms
Are you a cookie person? Then try this Almond Cookie, also known as Pain D’amande, and it will become your go-to cookie recipe for sure!
These crispy, crunchy, and nutty cookies with cinnamon flavors make you feel super satisfied. Dress them up with your favorite toppings, or dipped in chocolate sauce
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You think French desserts are intimidating to make, but they are not. These Raspberry Financiers are actually very simple to make, and taste absolutely elegant and delicious.
They have a perfectly crispy outside and soft inside that will just amaze you, and the raspberry burst in your mouth is the ultimate goodness.
So don’t wait and make this French classic cake now…
Get the Recipe @ foodtasia
All blackberry fans, this Blackberry Flaugnarde recipe is for you! This French traditional dessert is nothing but a truly heavenly experience that you all will love.
The effortless recipe is made with a handful of ingredients and gets ready in no time. If you want to try something new for your dessert, give this Flaugnarde a sure try.
Get the Recipe @ uncomplicatedchef
Now, this Galette des Rois, also known as French King Cake, is the most traditional cake made to celebrate the feast of the king.
It is basically a buttery puff pastry filled with creamy, sweet frangipane, an easy almond creme. You can make this classic version at home and impress everyone.
Get the Recipe @ pardonyourfrench
Make your family this Pain d’Epice, they will go crazy for it!
You will love the perfect balance of flavors from ground spices that are sweetened with honey. It’s amazing to serve with butter and a cup of hot milk or tea.
Get the Recipe @ wandercooks
Another great version of cookies that you will be hooked on is Sable Breton Cookies, also famously called French Salted Butter Cookies!
This wonderful cookie recipe is easy to make and needs only 5 basic ingredients. You will enjoy this crumbly, buttery, and melt-in-your-mouth cookie.
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This is the perfect time to make the best French Cruller Bundt Cake!
This dazzling recipe is just classic and too good, topped with powdered sugar or icy glaze to make it more delicious and attractive.
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This classic French Lemon Tart will become your new family favorite dessert, it tastes unbelievably delicious!
You will defiantly add this tart recipe to your beloved dessert repertoire for sure. Perfectly balanced and lemony flavored tart, a great dessert to finish off your awesome meal.
Get the Recipe @ pardonyourfrench
We are wrapping up this marvelous list of French desserts with this French Strawberry Charlotte Cake recipe!
This beautiful no-bake cake will win everyone’s heart, as it’s made with fluffy ladyfingers covered with amazingly silly cream mousseline and topped with fresh strawberries. So good!
Get the Recipe @ spatuladesserts
So many different French desserts to try! Which one will you make first?
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This collection of easy traditional French Desserts will give a gourmet flair to your after dinner sweets.
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