One of the world’s biggest planes has found itself in a spot of bother after getting stuck in the mud at a French airport.
The Airbus Beluga XL was attempting a U-turn after landing at Albert Picardie Airport in France when its nose gear and right main gear got trapped in soft ground.
The cargo plane had just flown in from Saint-Nazaire Montoir Airport.
According to aviation site AvHerald it “rolled to the end, turned into the turn pad to begin the 180 degrees turn for backtracking, and completed about 135 degrees of the turn but then became disabled with the nose and right hand main gear off the paved surface in the grass”.
The Beluga became beached as the airport closed off the runway.
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It’s been an eventful few weeks for this particular aircraft. It was recently caught on camera being struck by lightning while flying in the UK.
Airbus in the UK tweeted that the “Beluga XL5 departing Hawarden was struck by lightning. This is a routine event in aviation and the aircraft continued on its journey to Hamburg as planned. In accordance with standard operating procedure, the aircraft will be inspected before its next flight”.
The plane has only been operating fully since September and is one of six BelugaXL aircraft built by Airbus.
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