In an interview with leading fashion news outlet WWD, Louis Vuitton Chairman & CEO Michael Burke announced the venerable French luxury house will be transforming its long-time HQ – situated at the heart of Paris’ 1st Arrondissement – into the brand’s largest global store. So large, in fact, that it’ll even contain Louis Vuitton’s first-ever full-service hotel.
The brand’s palatial 400,000 square-foot commercial offices will be vacated to make way for what Burke calls the “ideal lodging venue”: the capstone in an ambitious district-wide revitalisation that has already seen the reopening of historic Parisian department store La Samaritaine; Cheval Blanc; and Cova, LVMH group’s international chain of Italian patisseries (already wildly popular in Asia).
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Understandably, not much is known specifically about the hotel’s size and concept at this time, but Burke has made it clear that any future Louis Vuitton accommodation won’t be in danger of cannibalising the business of The Cheval Blanc – a 72-room Art Deco masterpiece that sits just next door, overlooking the River Seine.
“[The Louis Vuitton property] would be its own identity, and own segment and own service – a completely different experience,” said Michael Burke.
Different, how exactly? Travellers will have to wait till at least 2027 to find out.
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