New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell
New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell answered questions Wednesday about issues surrounding her leadership. FOX 8 investigative reporter Lee Zurik questioned if Cantrell’s use of city-owned French Quarter apartment and excessive travel was a detriment to her leadership.
“It kind of freaks me out to see you quite frankly because you’ve been very inappropriate in my opinion,” Cantrell responded.
Zurik has been running a series of reports pertaining to Cantrell’s use of a city-owned apartment and has more than 600 hours of recordings of her entering and leaving the apartment.
Cantrell was dismissive of Zurik when he asked a follow-up question.
“You’ve done more than any other reporter in this room that has been in my opinion in violation of me as a human being, so with that sir, thank you very much,” said Cantrell.
Zurik also questioned the Mayor’s priorities for the Crescent City because of the amount of time she spends at the Upper Pontalba Apartment and traveling with a New Orleans police officer assigned to her security detail. Cantrell refused to answer if she thought it was inappropriate.
“But relative to your accusations none of them add up at all, but in regards to my work for the City of New Orleans, it’s really unmatched,” said Cantrell.
The city’s inspector general has also launched an investigation into whether the Mayor has used the apartment for personal use along with the police officer.
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